About Us


Under the management of Hiram C. Nicholas, The Quality Castings Company began operations in 1933 as a gray iron and magnesium operation. A strong believer in the value of profit sharing and the free enterprise system, Mr.Nicholas established a cash profit sharing plan for employees in 1945 that is still in place today.

In 1957, Quality Castings began producing ductile iron castings, in addition to the existing gray iron castings and a magnesium operation that was in service until1991. Ductile iron operations changed in 1965 when the Company’s small Cupola was replaced by two 5-ton coreless induction furnaces.

The Company expanded in 1966 by acquiring National Pattern Manufacturing as a wholly-owned subsidiary.  National Pattern was merged with the Company in 2011.  The pattern shop operation manufactures and repairs mold patterns and core boxes to customer specifications.  The pattern shop also manufactures custom molds.

In 1974, the Company overhauled the melting operations, converting completely to electric melting by installing three 15-ton coreless induction furnaces.  In that same year, the Company installed a high-volume Osborn Inliner molding machine, which is fed by a 20-ton holding furnace. 

Two additional mold lines, an Osborn 722 and Georg Fischer Disa, were installed in1986 and 1995, respectively.  The Georg Fischer Disa molding operation is capable of producing castings up to 600 pounds.  The Osborn 722 was removed from service in early 2023 to allow for expansion of the Georg Fischer Disa line, increasing overall production capacity.

The Company continued to broadened its scope of services.  In 1995, the Company installed a CNC machining operation.  In 2007, Quality Castings expanded its physical footprint by acquiring a neighboring factory, which is used for raw material storage, shipping, and customer pattern and corebox storage.  In 2011, the Company installed an automated dip paint operation in this facility.

In 2014, the Company constructed a grinding and finishing facility, including grinding stations, 30” snag grinders, and swing grinders.  In 2021, Quality Castings installed the first of two Barinder F-Series automatic grinding machines.

Present day, the Company has over 400,000 square feet under roof across the 3 plants located in Orrville, Ohio.

Markets Served

  • Construction machinery
  • Compressor and pump
  • Electric motor
  • Engine and transmission
  • Farm machinery and equipment
  • Hydraulic valve
  • Internal combustion
  • Mechanical power
  • Railroad
  • Truck highway and off highway
  • Tow motor
  • Water and sewer fittings